I Felt Wrong

I wanted to spend
time on my own space.
But I felt wrong.

I tried to sleep
and escape reality.
And I felt wrong.

I thought over and
over what made me mad.
Yet I felt wrong.

I was under too much
stress and compromised.
Because I felt wrong.

I remained who I am.
My philosophy unchanged.
Still, I felt wrong.



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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6 Responses to I Felt Wrong

  1. neelkanth says:

    A hurricane of mental waverings is manifestly described. Nice indeed.

  2. SoulWriter says:

    nice work.reality is moving away from ones own world and thoughts ,and getting melted in a world which seems to be normal by the orations of centuries, and hence it is not proven to be real or, how can it be real when its an isolation from each individuals self, when individuals are said to be the constructors of reality, which is the norm of a society.in reality no one has a space and understanding this is not a pleasure, so feeling wrong is normal when you understands or when you are in the path of understanding,and philosophies will always remain in words and letters.

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