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Play In The Sand

I play in the sand of the oriental ocean. My feet are tucked in the pocket of the rough, black grains. The ebbs of the tide are life in waters. At the far horizon are tiny ships like kites of … Continue reading

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I Calm Myself

I calm myself from all the panic there is. I cover my anger with a masquerade of big pretend. Hard it is, hate can linger but I do not allow. The separation is like a quicksand drow- ning me underneath. … Continue reading

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The Absence Of You

Sheets fold, neat bed, dry tiles and the room is cold without you. I’m missing the bits of you. I’m broken by the absence of you. 2015

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The Kind Of You

The kind of you crosses my mind in my waking hours. You dwell intimately in the shelter of my private thoughts. I linger where your presence is too powerful to contain. The kind of you is the perfect star in … Continue reading

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The Ambiance Of Greatness

I climb myself up. My feet are hardwork. I have invincible strengths. Superstition is not my faith. I hate mornings in dark clouds. My hands navigate the blue skies. Seasons change and I choose you. The ambiance of greatness can’t … Continue reading

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The Gold That Glitters

You are the gold that glitters, the words that whisper all the shiny gems of a one true treasure. You spark in a hopeless darkness, your light is never selfish. You are the darling soul whose ways stick to almost … Continue reading

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That Is Beautiful

In your eyes is a soul confined, reflecting genuineĀ beats of a heart. In your soul is a spirit revived, depicting the truth of emotions. In your world there is love spoken, telling others that you can survive. In your life … Continue reading

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we love our cliche

we are the favorite pair— unbeatable, phenomenal. unexpectedly, we are glowing in the limelight. the crowd find us hard to dislike. the obvious reason why we exist is true to our honest emotions and that’s mutual. 2015

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this hindrance

this hindrance. it builds divide in between us. but love is intended to join us together. our powers to say NO against the odds that destroy is a big mountain of faith. we rip the walls with our own hands … Continue reading

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always right

my lips sing for you my mind meditates on you you are my support system you are my perpetual inspiration big love versus big hate but my choice is always right and you fill my emptiness and you light my … Continue reading

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