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Leave. I want you to leave. Go. I push you to go. Forget. I want to forget. Love. I was there. Love. Again. I am in this flight. 2015

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We are consumed like a box of popcorn in the mouths of kids. We are consumed terribly by the hungry stomachs of ministries. We are consumed deliberately and in due time they forget what we are. 2015

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Simple minds do great. Simple wings can fly. Simple days are easy. Simple ideas create things. Simple words relay messages. Simple gifts are love. Simple people can build. Simple prayers are answered. Simple miracles can heal. 2015

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from the oriental sands like a new bun in the oven i am grateful to my mother the breakthrough is fresh so vital it moves all my bones 2015

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I channel myself to you through the boogie words and la di da di da. My dictionary is huge. I can be inside a stranger. 2015

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I Think Of You

I think of you in my private reverie. Your image takes me to my secret place. You are my eyes’ Picasso. Your are my ears’ Beethoven. My only ghost that haunts. My only crime with guilt. Cold is December. Deep … Continue reading

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Many of them. Wide and woods. Their characters are personality. They are there. Everywhere. They are open. Any time. Freedom is there. 2015

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Sad Song

The morning is a sad song that plays on and on. The lyric tells me that we’re not meant for each other. Like I Do and Goodbye, we built before and now we destroy. How rough our roads, how bleak … Continue reading

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Bad love. Good love. Best love. Worst love. I fail. I get. I shrug. I nod. Together. Heartbroken. We don’t wake up in our dreams. 2015

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You Cross My Mind

What you realize, what made you think, what drags you down, what motivates you, all can cross your mind. And you can pass, and you can avoid, but you can’t¬†pass, but you can’t avoid, all can cross your mind. Nothing … Continue reading

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