It’s Hard

It’s hard to imagine
when you and I will part.

It’s hard to forget
the words we have spoken.

It’s hard to end
what we have started.

It’s hard to accept
how life is unfair.

It’s hard to surrender
when we are compromised.

It’s hard to pretend
if we’re not in love.

It’s hard to choose
when we are in a dilemma.

It’s hard to believe
when you always deny.

It’s hard to dwell
in complicated emotions.

It’s hard to live
in a world of lies.



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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5 Responses to It’s Hard

  1. Soprano Musings says:

    I liked that you Italicized the key word – it helps emote the feeling (imo) of what it is that you’re saying. More so than if you had put the word in bold (again, imo).

  2. metzgerg4 says:

    Quite good and yes that theme or idiom, “It’s hard” rings in your ears and you are left to think, what is easy? 🙂

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