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After All These

And there were days full of tears. And there were hours in many years. Time ticks and leaves histories. Changes you, changes me. Then comes the unexpected. Then the wrongs are corrected. Things have valid reasons. Hatred is difficult to … Continue reading

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I Can Only Wish

The fact that we’re not together. Our longing is a snowdrift giant. A piece of our puzzle is missing. We can’t fill the void we feel. Unless our wishes are granted. 2015- 2022

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When We Go Wrong

People hurt and wounds aren’t healed instantly. Words spoken to attack or exploit are words not easily forgotten and they’re like ghosts that haunt anytime. Sometimes we fall in our own misdoings and we blame who we are. The most … Continue reading

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Things Happen For A Reason

You move your hands but can’t grip. You close your eyes but can’t sleep. Heading to one direction but you’re lost, Picking up the pieces of your shattered dreams, And there you are close to the end. Then you stand … Continue reading

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No More Words To Write

When there are no more words to write, then I fall prey to the empty countenance. And all I can only say is nothing. I fail over and over in this challenge.   2015

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The World Is

The world is full of different colors of skins. I am one of them. The world is a place of chaos and grace. Everything is temporary. The world is a song and a dance on my feet. Sometimes I try … Continue reading

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Happy 4th Year At WordPress

I’m grateful that I’ve come this far. I’m thankful and I don’t need to cry. Thank you God. Thank you friends. Thank you followers. Thank you readers. I used to hide my poems in all my notes but four years … Continue reading

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Please Be Honest

Shut the lies. Shut the mouth that denies. What’s real is obvious. The truth can be serious. I know and you know. We totally hate sorrows. In a time like this, we can’t dismiss the fact that we have and … Continue reading

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Miles Away

I just realized that we are far away from each other. Every time I wake up in the morning, I am alone. The silence of your presence is felt in tremendous ways. Your absence is real and it hurts me … Continue reading

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A Lazy Mind

I intend to finish a masterpiece. My hands are ready to lead and bleed. A lazy mind consumed more hours and I disagree to sleep.   2015

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