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Contemplating Ivan, Part One

Lights of neon words illuminating from your poignant hands. Each drop of fire enchants the apple of my eyes. I traverse the woods in plural weight of my feet. The style of moon is the synonym of your inside thoughts. … Continue reading

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Serendipity Complex

Shut in a dungeon of rendezvous, dark, quiet and cold. Where the lions do not roar, where the birds do not chirp, where the only sound is my heartbeat. And you are nowhere to be found. Confined here. I am … Continue reading

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Delusions Of Grandeur

Shades of solitude brush the breeze of hands of time, warring two or more improbable red and black and blue. The myriad senses of sight, taste, touch and smell are opposite to the reality in this world where I am … Continue reading

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God Bless This Place

I’ve been to different places. I’ve seen so many faces. I’ve reached some goals. I’ve met some souls. The world knows how to turn. The rain knows how to fall. The mind knows how to think. The heart knows how … Continue reading

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Fresh Dew

I wake up thinking of how the love of God unfolds in my every day. Life opens a morning of praise, a quiet time to worship the only Creator. A heart is willing to change, a mind is free to … Continue reading

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The Sea Of Intimacy

Oh sailing! Sailing and sailing! On the surface of rough Oriental Seas are the persevering ships full of wanderings of humans and humans and desperate humanity. So cold are the skins in the deepest night. So hot are the skins … Continue reading

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Finding Forever

It’s never ending, perpetual longing. Even though the road is winding but pain is mending and I become the seeker of infinity and beyond. Where the dust settles in myriad poses of mortal dreams. And the cradle of my universe is … Continue reading

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