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The Adultery In Oman

You broke our hearts and ruined our friendship when you did not stop your adultery in Oman. Then you left us to wander in your lust with the old man. You tore our hearts to pieces and brought us to … Continue reading

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your sound, your moves, your hips, your lips, they contradict from the normal. you were, you are, the gentle, the weak, you are the opposite of your true self. your words, your songs, your beauty, your soul, they reflect what … Continue reading

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air like fire scorching my skins and this summer is too bad i can’t even stay longer outside.   2016

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But you did. You still did. I’m disappointed. You denied. You still did. I’m devastated. And you did. You killed the good. I’m forsaken. You lied. You still did. I’m broken. But you did. You left me. I’m torn to … Continue reading

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you tell me about the facts of you and then there are certain things that i cannot understand. you show the truth about yourself yet i still cannot comprehend what you are trying to let me discover.   2016

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In The Middle Of Something,

I am in the middle of something, something that’s going on but I’m alright. To act is the deliverance of a free will. My freedom is my playground. I am in the middle of something, I don’t complain.   2016

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your old number is ringing. but it was just ringin’ when I called. then i called again. ringing and ringin’ and it was just ringing. then i stopped. i’ll think again. and your phone was just ringing and ringin’. i … Continue reading

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