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6:24 A.M.

Morning tastes like black coffee And My eyelids are heavy from lack of sleep.   2016

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The Rapid River And Fire!

I touch your face and discover a new wonder. You are the extraordinary, the rapid river and fire!   2016

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I deserve to know you better than discovering your fault under your table. Your cold eyes are stale bread into my mouth. We leave a gap in-between without knowing how to fill in.   2016

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In The Deep Minds Of Us

Untrodden, my feet on the other ground, Where no one likes to step on, To journey on the wild and adventure, And forgotten, untold but kept in the deep minds of us.   2016

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enter the chasm, a labyrinth of many questions. where a creed is secretly recited. and everybody wants an answer. but something is broken. the cry of a wolf is louder. it aches my ears. pondering on small things, all details … Continue reading

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Stalwart, unwavering. A steady motion, wandering. Drift in dreams, monuments. A monologue no one can hear. The bard in seclusion, tranquil. Words are weaved, constantly. Absence is absence, indeed. But he knows how to breathe. The road, the space, the … Continue reading

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Exactly are the terms of endearment that you utter And hearing through you, all I want to do is close my eyes and imagine the constellations to submerge me beneath the Earth while the rest of the energies hanging on … Continue reading

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