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The Quiet Vestibule

It leads me inside, and into another inside. Like an archive of memories, they are bound to explode from my core.   2016

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It can be done. The good and the bad. We choose, we make mistakes, we learn and we yearn what we don’t have. We reconcile the ghost of our past with the soul that yearns to return and find places … Continue reading

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There is a mind that thinks but shallow in the inside. Thoughts come in pointless motion of words and the wonder of wisdom is in the circulation of a war that never ends.   2016

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The Invisible

No one sees but no one, and everything becomes vague in the eyes, in the minds, yet, the one who feels can always come near and all the energies of the sun and the moon are exhausted. These bones may … Continue reading

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Almost Broken

I fell in love and never expected the things that can be broken. When fire is exhausted and feelings get colder, one steals the joy of the other. What broken hurts, what lost in the middle of the road can … Continue reading

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The Truth Of What You Are

I dream, a plethora of your presence, an existence that succumbs, that adheres to where I cannot resist, a desire I long to insist, and yet, so vulnerable. I wake up, and it’s real. You’re here, the truth of what … Continue reading

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We Are The Infinite

It begins in my heart, and my mind dictates me that love will never be a one way street. A bond, a connection, a feeling that will never be broken, that will never be lost. A cycle that meets in … Continue reading

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You Come And Break My Heart

Myself. In a heartbreak room. Hopeless, this aching. Temporary, absolutely. Yourself. Far and unheard. Nonchalant, your silence. Unnecessary, unimportant. The us. It happened so fast. It went away so quickly. Too much, too soon.   2016

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