End Everything, Forever!

When a part of
a whole is detached,
isolated and does not
matter anymore,

what should you do?

Identity from the
beginning changed
in the course of
terrible events,

not so expected.

What was there
is still here now
but something is really
lost along the way and

you can never tell

how much I have fought
through the years but
I am tired and I have
decided to end everything,




About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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4 Responses to End Everything, Forever!

  1. Ji says:

    Just in time..my heart is tired and brain said to move on..

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    Fear not for after the ‘break’ – you shall return. For no matter what they say, that is the law. The way of the cosmos.

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