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Dry Leaves

The old tree has dry leaves. I hear the hush of the wind. Each falling motion is audible. Summer is the enemy of rain. We have sunburned skins and scorched journeys.   2017

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Black Pit

All things change when you start to fear, when courage is taken away by your enemy who is yourself. Your bright world becomes dark. Then you become the prisoner of your weaknesses.   2017

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These Particular Demeanors

There is a taste in the air as grand as a king’s meal. We multiply our desires and the longing of our mortality to the beautiful mundane awakens. To swim in the ocean of liberty is to feel the limitlessly … Continue reading

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Mood In A Zone

Wild sighs bordering the ears. Careful footsteps shattering. Doors and windows banging. Shadows enter and exit. The shape of each figure. Apparition is better than disappearance. Failure to notice is a bad sign. More intervention, more involvement, I calm myself … Continue reading

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The Phantom

Something is here that I cannot decipher. You brought me what I cannot accept. My heartbeats are louder drums. Nights give me dreams of the impossible. You continue to haunt me.   2017

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Cell No. 7

Later. I stopped in my motion to regret. The worries are too populated. I am soaked like a cotton cloth. Pardoned. I requested your apologies and granted.   2017

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It flows from the beginning until the end. It slides from the secret portions of yourself. Eyes can see the accident of the night. We get the assets of the complicated world.   2017

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