Don’t Judge

we look beyond
too far from

mistakes and we
tend to cross

boundary by
saying too much

one’s imperfections,
blowing out

We often forget that

is another chance
for that person to

change and we close
our minds and end up

And we hurt someone’s feelings.
And we ruin a relationship.

we can only understand,listen
more, and look for the good side,

bad things will be



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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5 Responses to Don’t Judge

  1. Myth*. says:

    Well said! Those who judge… it is easier to judge others than ones self? No one is perfect but we can all work harder on our own imperfections and mistakes. Those who judge have made their first mistake?Many people get offended when others have become amazing people.”The bad things”…Some people hide their own bad things by pointing a finger at someone else? No one remains the same. Isn’t life grand!? I don’t where blinders through this life, I have simply learned that I have the right to be myself! Thank you for this outstanding write. Good for you to speak up! Bless your heart!

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