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In Triumph

A few of them are left and they are scattered everywhere. The noise from their mouths can gather troubles, complaints. The hour is contaminated. The day can just end worthlessly. But I have survived. I stood in triumph.   2018

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The Night That Is

Night begins with the resistance of loving. I’m heading underneath the miles and strange. Each blink of my eyes is the orthodox and the unorthodox. You feel like something is scratching your own skin.   2018

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the truth about You & i

i am not consistent but You are steadfast. i am not great but You are grand. i am not a hero but You are powerful. i am not always there but You are always present. i am not thriving but … Continue reading

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Fourth In The Row

Redeeming, the protagonist. Flashing, lights not shadows. Tearing the fangs of the wild. Fire on the door, burning from hands. Ideas keep changing in the mind. I am leaping from first to the fourth.     2018

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Gone From Indifference

Bluish, covered in blue. Mild, warm, the kind of a gentle you. I don’t want anybody else, but the world in its million years. Tamed, we are both in the side of everyone, gone from indifference.   2018

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Where flaws are left to fade. Those filthy minds to save. A dash from here to the door. Some wings are ready to soar. New days come and go. You and I must know. Pure water still flows. Perfect breeze … Continue reading

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Slow Passing Of The Smooth

He can see, she can hear, and the children play. Where moon is silver, where ground is breaking, where heart is unconditional. At nights of constellations, at days of desperate toiling, at places of finding the truth. The craft of … Continue reading

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