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On Each Dashboard

Fluorescent, long LEDs, up and lighting us, while everyone on each dashboard are busybodies, all stuck on quiet streams but they hear the answers in their own heads.   2018

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A Wonder And A Wild

Sigh, I breathe in, the drumming of my heart, the beats are the early devils, prancing in the woods and fire, the hour divides the lamentation and cheer. Sleep, the dreams are corrupted. The eyes open in the new day. … Continue reading

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Like A Mainstream Song

I toss and turn, my bedsheet is crumpled. The habit of no sleep is like a mainstream song, with repeated lines in the chorus, on and on and on.   2018

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Waltzing By The Shore

Waltzing by the shore, memories unfold. I come back at the dock where I met you. The tides and the painful sunset retold all what we gathered, all the hurt we knew. Our old ghosts loved tremendously, too loud. A … Continue reading

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The Cover Of My Youth

The cover of my youth fades, turning into a blank canvas, a nothingness that began with shades and hues of red, yellow or blue, and some intersected lines and shapes. But every season when the trees change their colors, and … Continue reading

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On Benches And Hammocks

Sleep, town, sleep on a tangerine, vintage bed. Fly away from the dirty internet and chronic radio. To thousand books, where eyes are hypnotized by pages upon pages of fantasies, of dystopian, of contemporary narrations. And sleep is no more … Continue reading

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Morning Past The Hour Of Nine

Long hours, dry throat, the idle eyes are about to slumber. Triggered mind, weak fingers, the space of no one is the scorching sun. Howling traffic on  the avenue, the wolves  of the streets are alive. Someone has solved the math … Continue reading

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