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Steady, oh love take me where my heart is. Crack the walls dividing us both. I’ve bolted in the sea-waters like a starfish. Succumbing to this underworld, emerging a new self. The world at last has granted me the capacity … Continue reading

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Too Many Colors, Too Much Sand

Your life, too many colors, too much sand. The wild river has swept you to a strange village, drenching you like a lifeless dragonfly. You woke up on a day of sun without rain. You thirst for gravity of love, … Continue reading

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I opened my eyes. The room is corrupted in darkness. Tried harder to see what’s inside. Losing enough patience, I’ve let go of these flashes from the past, from a yesterday, from a finished business like a ghost that ceased … Continue reading

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Fascination, embracing freedom. The galaxy is not a troll. Ancient lies, ancient ties. We maintain our highlights. Like a vulture, we go hungry of new things, reinventing styles with hammer and knives. We bring the stage in full bright. Heading … Continue reading

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