Cry Like A Wolf

I’ve never heard you before
cry like a wolf. But no,
I won’t listen to you anymore.
You don’t need my ear, you
don’t honestly need me as a friend.

It started quite smooth.
We slowly build our bridge.
Our unison is rigged.
I didn’t know how it happen.
You just changed something that is there.
Something that is special.
You ruined everything.

Now, you’re saying a lot of things.
Assuming you can win me back with all
your deception coated in cheese.
But I’m a lactose intolerant,
uncomfortably throwing away what
you are feeding me.

Please, don’t
feed me anymore with your stupid lies.
And stop crying like a wolf.
And stop being plastic.



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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