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you’re there at the bottomof the challenger deep.all my noise you can’t hear.all my tragedies you can’t see. and all my feelings you don’t notice. why don’t i understand?why do i have to understand?your disappearance breaks my left without … Continue reading

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Break With You

Hurt.That’s what you feel. Abandoned.It’s too much to handle. Crying is an outlet.Music is an antidote. I left you by yourself.Our sea of summer gone cold. Breaking with you is not easy.I grieve in this painful ground. 2020

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Solitary World

We’rein the samephase, the sameenergy, the same weakness. We’rebounded withfences of broken glasses,barbed wires, savage trees. We’renot the samecharacters of the past.We’ve chained, defeated. Inthis confinement isour solitary world ofpersecution and injustice. 2020

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i don’t have time to write hours are not enough. there’s no room for me to think.the space is occupied with bricks and junks. there are enigmas and words are sealed with bolts and nuts. these lines are … Continue reading

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