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can you let meswim on my own,with all the freedom,without boundaries,without judgment from you? i had a pastthat showed me howhate channeled throughthe stones, the knives,the hands, the words. when anger, when jealousy,when slaps and hitshave put you in a … Continue reading


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Rolling Street

The dirty smokescling to my eyesand at the distanceare the turmoils ofthe day. 2018

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your narrationbrought me far intoa realm of awakening. telling me storiestrapped into theirown scheming plots, leading me to noticemy own mistakes, bringing me nearin front of the mirror, staring directly at myown eyes, heaving madnessin my heart like crowded automobileson … Continue reading

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The Letter

Dear God,You breathe life in meafter all these timeswhen i wander at the seasand the waters almost drowning meYou are there and the truthhas freed me so wonderfully though life on earth is not easyand troubles come my wayYour hands … Continue reading

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