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ientered your roomand the mouth of adragon burned meto ashes. yoursecrets are gatheredin hell. your secrets tastedlike metals. your secretshave abolished yourethereal beauty. 2020

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too far from the thin horizon

i decline.they sensationalize. we have the wrong image.we both know who we really are.our identities fade from their minds. 2020

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in the cabin

you keep the keep the keep the keep the keep the truth. 2020

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i’m inside a trance, hovering, and a slight ofgrief is pulling me subconsciously from my daydream.another minute, another hour, another chance failed me to let go.truth is, i am weaker than you.i’m a mistake that’s hard to correct.i can’t escape … Continue reading


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the ugly escape & flight

i shut myself in the dark.i kept my voice low and unheard.i disappeared like a metaphor of farewell. 2020

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a premonition of what’s next.deleted, substituted, submitted.the steps to becoming known,the steps are out of control.subdued, managed, manipulated.satisfaction isn’t imperfection.the sabotage of knowledge,the sabotage that damagedmore than half of happy faces.quarrelled, angered, not pampered.normal pacing, a day of waiting.what i … Continue reading

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