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the after

allfingers are pointing at me,eyes are full of judgment,and ileft the roomwith several toxicphantoms roamingin my mind. 2021

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youflicker your maledictionand i’m transformed, turnedme like abeldam, skid and skinny. yourfiery breath isa curse. fromthe ground i canshoot you. fromthe ground i candefeat you. 2021

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We watched the circus, without glasses of wine.Stumbled on little witches on the ground.Your morning, my evening, we have thousand stars.Time being together is better than plastic and bottles. 2021

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said that of an old fisherman,on a night of silvery silhouette:“what we are and what we becomeis not an agony of the past, but aroot of a tree, of papers where allthe great knowledge of the mindsare written truthfully to … Continue reading

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your only lover

i’m not a lover with lip service. i’m a lover you don’t ignore.i’m inexplicably in love with you, fearlessly putting my heart andhead before any force defeats my purpose. i love you. and no amount of explanation can equate theproof … Continue reading


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out from the underground

i tiptoed silently,exited in turmoil fromyour room. i’ve knownyour secrets. theypoisoned the knowledgewritten by crafted hands. i stood frozenas i shut your door. only one thing remainedin my head. i’ve to wait.time won’t be selfish. and things will get … Continue reading

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