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china doll

thereare tiny sunsetsin your eyes and yourcurls are cute wavesof the ocean. 2021

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if you only want.if you only need.but there are limits.there are only get the thingsthat are meant for only love somethingthat is important. 2021

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The Element Of Hate

How can I call youmy next of kinif I’m the elementof hate? I was the root, the seed,the germ of an envy.My presence was terriblethan troubles. How can a childblamed for somethingbad that he did notcommit? I was the element … Continue reading

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Ourfeet share thesame road outsidewhere dust andstones cannot rule. A dayis not enoughto save our thousand nights. 2021

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theurban wind breaksme into severalpieces of differentpersonalities. 2021

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struggle to eliminatethe vain, the pettyfights, the thick inchesof dust covering themost-loved furniturein your secret room; all ghosts are hiding.they desire to re-appearwhen you’re at peace. 2021

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