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The Gravity Of Grief

The gravity ofgrief is pulling meto a dimension ofchaos, wanting me toconfine in a darkwhere love story isnot allowed to be spoken. 2021

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The Damage You’ve Done

The damage you’ve done,It destroyed me spiritually.The damage you’ve done,It hurt me more than death.The damage you’ve done,It sabotaged my happiness.The damage you’ve done,It gave me hell on Earth. 2021

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Your Necessary Self

I did not ask. I did not wish.There’s always an element of surprise;I didn’t know. I didn’t envision.What’s not there before has lavished me withsentiments and nostalgia. You offer your necessary self.I’m astonished, astounded, startled. 2021

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Stars At The Tips Of My Fingers

A cup of house blend coffee, hot on a windy dusk. My pair of eyes and my whole face reflecting on a glass window while I write this random lyrics not to drag anyone down but to comfort the existence … Continue reading

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