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Just A Plain, View Of A Haunted Place

Trembling hands, thumping feet.Yellow wallpapers, and wine glasseson a rectangle, wooden table as the lake shines like a glossyghost on the frame of the windowglass, no words uttered, no signof life, but just a plain, view of ahaunted place. 2022

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Indian records.Pancake seller.Lost in metropolitan.Naughty appetite.A piece of someone. I’m a dolphin lover.I’m busy all the time. 2022

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Falling In Love

Falling in lovefor the first time islike a fresh dew in themorning. Falling in lovewith you is a miracle.We both jump in thecold river holding hands. Falling in loveis not ugly. It does nothurt. It only cheers us likechildren in … Continue reading

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Confused Vagabond

Bad luck is a myth.Superstition resides in the head.Signs either inflict fear, or hope.People walk the road with varied reasons.A soul without a shelter is out there.No sense of belonging.Security is deprived.But who’s to blame?To avoid pointing your finger at … Continue reading


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small place

poetry is a smallplace to exposeeverything in life. 2022

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