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youare cruel whenyou left me inmy own suffering. 2022

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left out

four chickensand silent bread.a beggar asks for cash. six forwards toa masquerade.the winning team desolates. 2022

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Theonly reason thatI have loved you isthe fact thatyou are my world ata time when allis crumbling down. 2022

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The Orange Tree

Nothing to hide.Nothing to brag.Darkness isn’t insane.Lights are exposing everything.And you’re here not a formula.You’re here not a superficial display.You’re here not to shatter anyone.You’re more than what you have worked for.A beaming inspiration in the season of unexpected. 2022


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Asylum, Version 2

Crispy, odd wordssurrounding my mental abode;the residence of my own bard’s soul. These hands havefancy pens and scentless papers. 2022

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Black Hole

On my knees. On solid grounds.Mind is captured in black and blue.Mind in a platter of delectable carbs.Mind in blocks and walls of soft stones.My stomach is crowded with butterflies. 2022

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A Living Masterpiece

There is an image youhide behind your true self.An image that can eitherdismantle or reconstruct. You don’t brag.You don’t put yourself down.Your soul feeds the hungry.Your heart throws good emotions. Be a good name.Be a better example.Humanity is not your … Continue reading

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