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Thousand Ghosts

Thereare thousandghosts playingthe tug of warin my mind.I’m haunted bythousand guilts ofa transgressioncommitted secretlyin my past. 2022

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Baby, It’s Everywhere, Everything

A perfect lover,the best masterpiece,an endless gift.Thanked God for this.I’m satisfied. I’m full.Time to go home.Time to love you more. My perfect lover,my best masterpiece,my endless gift.Baby, happiness iseverywhere. Love iseverything. 2022

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it belongs to you.not to the flood.not to the fire.not to the not not not burn. 2022

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Roses For Saint John

There are wings of yesterday,flew over our heads, unnoticed.A simple worship, sang from innocentlips, and thousand knees on the floorasked for peace. Hands fold other handslike a sign of serious prayers. Outsideare lonely children, throwing roses forSaint John. 2022

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Dust, Love Dust

Must not be forsaken.Must not be death.When we separate,we separate. But, dust,love dust and it shouldn’tus to blame. It should usto reconcile. After all, westill love each other. Andwe’re not to be blamed. 2022

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Home-Made Pasta

Blue,deserted place,like a left-overrelationship, ontop of ahome-madepasta, sweetand spicy. You’llalways needa cold, glassof cola. 2022

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Theworld can’ttame the hostilepart of your nature. 2022

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Oh October!

I woke up today,clinging to the lastpart of my dream. A dream that’senough to get methrough tomorrow. Paintings on the wallare hard to ignore.You have the fineststroke of your handscaptured in a solidmasterpiece. You made me wholeagain, once broken inthe … Continue reading

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