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u talk mostof yourself, about yourself,about your jealousies,about your hate, when you’re drunk,when you’re awake,when you’re normal. you always hate me all the time. 2023

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The Waters Of Everywhere

Mingle with us,the waters of everywhere.Wash us thoroughly,from dirt that we didn’tintentionally, deliberately,completely immersed into. Not an ocean of compromises.Not a river of transgressions.Not a stream of awkwardness. 2023

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we left a bad road.we’re trekking north.our soles are dividedfrom beaches and soils. sliding on whims.the magic is free.drunk on awesome places.we ignore the glitches. 2023

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coffee is a friendat idle times, at hoursof quiet queer and freakingsheer. 2023

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the trigger

endangered,angered at whatyou’ve done. angeredfor not sleepingenough hours. angeredat myself whennot in the mood. endangered,angered at everyone. 2023

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My twilight is quiet.Our dinnertime is loud.Midnight is subtle with coldJanuary air. I sit in front of this device.Two screens, with music. Mymind in turmoil; in flashbacks of secretsins and random whims. 2023

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