Of Green Pastures And Kindred Spirits

we walk a distance
that we cannot finish.

clings to the other,
and downtime continues.

fail to reach their destination
when machines break down.

enter a territory
of green pastures and kindred spirits.



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Sparrow Lines

My psychology says, “I’m a better sparrow”
Ridden adversaries from an open window
Caught a glimpse of a lifeless tomorrow
Set higher hopes to escape from sorrow

Prison pride, fight the tide
Of loveless avenues, worn-out shoes
Sparkle of diamonds, I treasured the most
I fly beyond the great horizon

Shared thoughts of limitless passion
Struggled to escape from sweet temptation
I landed straight on a higher ground
Discreet to analyze stepping-stones and stumbling blocks

Let me connect the broken walls of now and then
Make myself a hero, that’s what I’ll do
To this I’ll fly and spread my wings
To the north, to the south, and east and west


(written on March 09, 2002)

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eight years (celebrating my 8 years at wordpress)

i am thankful.
i am blessed.
i am still here.

poetry is my antidote.
poetry is my outlet.
poetry is my comrade.
poetry is my friend.

when poetry becomes human,
he has a soul.



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The Good Years

The devour of courage.
The soul enticed,
a lifelong endeavor of greatness.

How to conquer fear, to conquer sorrows.
Life can be difficult.
Life is never a perfection.

Hands can hold weapons.
Feet can walk away from the door of hell.
Bodies can win a war.

In exhaustion.
We regain our strength.
We don’t hallucinate in our fevers.

Our seas have underground beauty.
True stories are told.
To be the best is better than the rest.



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The Falcon Heart

Complexities. Those daily complications
sprung from little conflicts in the minds
of indifference and the judgments of prejudice.
The ranting and bickering. All malicious acts
kept creeping inside the closet. Leaving a room
of refuge for the thousand unforgiven demons.

One great admiration never fails to influence.
The kindness of words, the character’s dynamic
to soar above and his spirit does not tolerate
negligence of worship to the greatest.



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I Am Gentle

I am
gentle while
you are wild.

You injure me
in my waking

The moon can’t
hide my outrage
and nightmares.

No medicine
can cure a
wrecked ship.



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Everybody sleeps,
you and I are wide awake.
Making these hours special
as we wait for the dawn.
Our toes are sharing the friction
while the dust on air spell
the letters of love.

Rush in a
matter of surprise,
we wait for our
emotions to collide.



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