i revisit, reopen, reminisce a past that was broken. i jump from death to existence, left a ghost in my pocket. i become complete in the sight of you, made me who i am.


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feet on the ground, feet of a bard, of thousand steps, love of the great, oh this sentiment,

the lamentation of a normal self, not the ending of an ending, not a failure of a failure, these imperfections make me the better.

space everywhere tells me to subdue the emptiness that was there before, to conquer the fears of an avalanche, from drop to landing, when no one is there to save you but your own self.


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still swimming

the fish does not want to swim anymore. but it is still swimming, and swimming in the waters of deep and shallow.

what can they do? they only see what is seen. they only hear what is heard. they only feel what is felt.

and the fish keeps on swimming, until the old men throw their nets. they who cannot understand cannot cross the line. no one is ruined but you.


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the fire in the cold of December midnight sets ablaze in my room where dreams are invaded, validated, and traded with only love that cannot be subdued.


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awakening me

into the animated time,
when this desperation
is rushing through the
countless tides,

escaping you,
ignoring you,
silencing you,
anticipating the end.

about to turn things
into good, but there
can never be better
consequences, now.

struggling this,
forgetting this,
truth of this,
awakening me.



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too long to wait,
too short to speak,

my toes are
red like

old ketchup in my mouth.



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This, You Must Know

The first time I saw you,
there was something that awakened me.
It lingered there, like a long summer season.

You made me feel that I’m gold,
that my value can change my ugly perspective.
You did not disappoint me, and I appreciated you.

Then, we parted ways.
Both of us have our own, separate journeys.
And we long to see each other again.

I say, “I love you so.”
I don’t know how you feel, but
this, you must know, I am thinking more of you.



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