Gone From Indifference

covered in blue.
Mild, warm, the kind
of a gentle you.

I don’t
want anybody else,
but the world in its
million years.

we are both in
the side of everyone,
gone from indifference.



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Where flaws are left to fade.
Those filthy minds to save.
A dash from here to the door.
Some wings are ready to soar.

New days come and go.
You and I must know.
Pure water still flows.
Perfect breeze still blows.

We recover ourselves from the rain.
All the sorrows and anguish in vain.
Don’t recoil, don’t tolerate fear.
Apprehensions, angst, and hatred disappear.



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Slow Passing Of The Smooth

He can see,
she can hear,
and the children play.

Where moon is silver,
where ground is breaking,
where heart is unconditional.

At nights of constellations,
at days of desperate toiling,
at places of finding the truth.

The craft of beauty,
the sound of breathing,
the home of limitless dreams.

His strength is human,
her head with an invisible crown,
and their laughter is an attraction.

I find a superior,
I settle for comfort,
my litany does not end in grief.

Permanence becomes temporary.
One watches the other one in the
slow passing of the smooth.



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cyanide, daughter
of the good, yet
acting like a

cooper, smashing
us silently with
vile from


hands that work,
these skins that

we do not harbor
but discomfort is
like a weary anchor.

contain the contents
of your kingdom,

manipulation is
such a dirty game.



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Dear You,

Don’t pretend
that you know nothing
at the reality
being in love with

the sadness when
I’m not around, and
the absence of
my presence at the
pain of the ground.

You steady at
a pace, in a space,
a brief encounter
of the guiltless self
in the dark and dream.



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Right Beside U

The morning comes in a lazy
shade, leaving us worried
and unmoving.

We are stretched on the
bed, eyes staring at the

waiting until our bones
become weary from the un-
productive hours,

but I cannot leave
you, I cannot be where
you aren’t.



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I cross a fragile bridge,
almost fell in the creek.
The woods smile and sway.
They talk like innocence.

Saturday is raining.
I step on muddy grounds.
My feet become dirty.
The road does not complain.

There are unkind words.
Remembering them today.
They are wounding my heart.
I trash the morbid thoughts.

At the end of this journey,
my destination reflects a wonder.
The huge blue mountain is a king.
I stand speechless, forgetting my pain.



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