Sound Of Nothing

there is the
sound of nothing

we bid our bad
goodbye, we fell into

loop of unheard
stories and our

are tied to old
oak trees.

the sound of
nothing cannot echo

we are too speechless
to utter our sentiments.



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Essence Of The End

There is an
essence underneath
the realm of our break-up.

I can feel
the motion of hundred
injuries from all over.

My mind is
in the turmoil of

The sun has
set and we are crashing
ourselves in the dark.



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No More Love Songs

I remind myself that
from this day forth,
there will be no more
love songs playing on
the radio.

There will be no more
sweet sound, sweet words
to surround our ears,
no more sweetness of
the nectar from your

I distance myself.
Far from the only shade
of the mind that can save
the madness of the ache of
the heart, the only thing that
can save myself is the forgetting
of the pain.

No more love songs to
serenade the mornings and
daylight of my world.

No more. Nothing here.
No more of you.



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We close our eyes.
We kill our longing.
The desire, the passion,
the fire in us vanished.

We break our hearts.
We ignore the freedom.
The hours, the days, the
memories linger.

We step away.
We avoid the same road.
The tests, the challenges,
the circumstances are wrong.



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The One Who Left

I was the one who left.
You did not complain.
I was the one who disappeared.
You did not look for me.

The year was difficult.
It was a shade of unfaithfulness.
The fight was over.
No one became mad.

We thought wonder days.
Pushed the demons of our past.
Afraid to repeat the history.
We become too careful in our ways.

I was the one who left.
You stayed and did not wait.
We made ourselves busy.
The journey remains.



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There Was Us

It has been
five years when
we were us.

My first,
my trial and error
and the rest

is history.

Now, we have
separate lives,
don’t know what

to expect
if I will see
you again.

There was us
and that is
the fact.



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Far Side

We cannot be

I cannot hear.
We cannot bear
the sudden tear
of our hearts.

We stand,
we sit on
the far side,
we are never near.

The sounds,
the sights,
the distance bet-
ween us is huge.

We are getting
better with this

but we never
love this sad



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