a premonition of what’s next.
deleted, substituted, submitted.
the steps to becoming known,
the steps are out of control.
subdued, managed, manipulated.
satisfaction isn’t imperfection.
the sabotage of knowledge,
the sabotage that damaged
more than half of happy faces.
quarrelled, angered, not pampered.
normal pacing, a day of waiting.
what i lose today, i can’t lose forever.
there are far places near in my mind.
to tame my sanity is never this easy.


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And i Still Write

i become a platform of different voices,
a picture of several faces.
my words have hit you hard,
or make you proud, elevate you,
or inspire.

i build a world with rhymes or without.
my adjectives are dark or sharp.
These early mornings,
these late evenings,
they keep me wild in the mind,
and i still write.


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we are the extraordinary

usual they are,

we are the extraordinary
in our own world.

can’t feel what
we feel for each other.

we are the extraordinary,
better than the pain in our yesterday,
better than the hate on our streets.


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Your Empire Of Fascination

I desire
to be your empire
of fascination

to be your
social butterfly,
your life of the party.

I’m building
myself, a character
in good progress.

You’ll be
drowned in my
ocean of dynamics,

immersed in
the volume of my

I am your magnet.
Pulling you closer
to me, unceasingly,

and we become one.


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This Common Chair

I sit on this common chair.
Staring strangely at the cloudy moon.
My mind conceives a beautiful sorrow.
The vision of white sands drags me somewhere.

Am I dreaming on this common chair?
Transporting to a foreign dimension,
My body collides with the supernatural.
I don’t see any human here.

Love. Heartache. Fun. Grief.
I am conscious of all these.
Running away from this common chair,
I find myself transforming so lively.


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can you let me
swim on my own,
with all the freedom,
without boundaries,
without judgment from you?

i had a past
that showed me how
hate channeled through
the stones, the knives,
the hands, the words.

when anger, when jealousy,
when slaps and hits
have put you in a cage
where you’re

helpless, misunderstood,
and you begin to blame
your only self,

it grows in you
until you accept all
the false accusations,

you can’t even defend
yourself, you just have to
go with the flow,

knowing there’s something

and in one, unexpected
morning, you realized
that you’ve been living
a big lie.

you ask yourself,
can i now love and be my true self?


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Rolling Street

The dirty smokes
cling to my eyes
and at the distance
are the turmoils of
the day.


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your narration
brought me far into
a realm of awakening.

telling me stories
trapped into their
own scheming plots,

leading me to notice
my own mistakes,

bringing me near
in front of the mirror,

staring directly at my
own eyes, heaving madness
in my heart

like crowded automobiles
on a narrow highway.

i am shy to admit
what can’t be confessed
in public.

i am candid to accept
my flaws,
flaws that
are there not to
hurt me,
not to fail me,
but to put the
right perspective
into my mind,

to admit
that i cannot
stand on my own
without your force
traversing within
my soul.


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The Letter

Dear God,
You breathe life in me
after all these times
when i wander at the seas
and the waters almost drowning me
You are there and the truth
has freed me so wonderfully

though life on earth is not easy
and troubles come my way
Your hands carry me
pushing away the enemies
loving me deeper every day

Your grace is abundantly changing me
and my heart,and i am proud
let me continue to walk with You
and bring me closer to Your avenue
of angels and saints
singing praise and worship before You


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you’re there at the bottom
of the challenger deep.
all my noise you can’t hear.
all my tragedies you can’t see.

and all my feelings you don’t notice.

why don’t i understand?
why do i have to understand?
your disappearance breaks my heart.
you left without saying goodbye.

and i’m drawn to my own sadness.

without a warning,
as the water and sand tickle my feet,
there you stand out of nowhere,
joining me at the shallow part of the sea.

and my world has lost its darkness.

now i understand.
now i must understand.
you’re back to stay forever.
we’re reaffirming our love together.

and this is our own story.


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