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green bend silver blackboard of blue liberty in leather smell and clear

fields in green normal green tall trees bend wicked bend moon wraps in silver human silver sky is a blackboard floating blackboard mountains of blue indefinite blue skins of liberty unlimited liberty wind in leather smell autistic smell loud and … Continue reading

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18 november street

stripped thoughts gone far from the human absence and hurricane rips thousand atoms of love and sins struggled fists of strength break the arrogance of wealthy images on the surface of the ground they turn their vehicles on the roundabout … Continue reading

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all red

all red these walls bleeding flowing trapping senses until what is left is a cry sighing falling deep inside a pain bleeding flowing crying and breaking all red these eyes all red these roads i don’t know you i don’t … Continue reading

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room of sleep & dreams

sands on our feet bubbles on your hair tangerine on their lips the silver aliens fly trapped little moons in a crystal jar white crushed styrofoams loiter the space ninja songs of tokyo and shanghai exploit the american radios of … Continue reading

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oyster smell

the oyster smell at the market is drilling my nose flamboyant salivating me in search of dinner meals passing-by the rush-hour stalls i’m in my hungry state then i am drooling   2013  

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tell me not me i’m not the one tell you not you you’re not the one all crap these us we’re nowhere nothing here this thing we know we forget we don’t love   2014

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invisible ghost

disappearing the other her is lost intentional her choice is hers leaving us with questions disappearing still as days go by she is intentional her choice is not ours leaving us to ask more   2014

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butterfly wall on the april moon sparks like christmas noon and flashlight balloons superstitious room shakes and zooms those kidney beans fall from a broom and i am left staring at the sky with thoughts lingering like a dragonfly   … Continue reading

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holding hands grip the anger of human soul releasing energies that weaken the human body outside the room looks like wilder and polluted passing losing time forgetting all past and yesterday   2014

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