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The Colors Of My Midnight

Red, crashing my heart on a radio heartbreaking song. Black, blinding my eyes on the pictures of your divorce. Green, separating me from the big slice of your wedding cake. Blue, pounding my flesh on a horrific fever and bad … Continue reading

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Surging Waters

Flow, peacefully flow. Cold, normally cold. The currents strike my feet. Heavens smile, a happy countenance. We are swarmed with butterflies. There is an intensity underestimated. Go forth where the fishes are. Their world is another. We dive the surging … Continue reading


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Pulling Me Closer To Your Simplicity

We dreamed us both of spikes and spirals, endlessly. Crossing the rushing river, pulling me closer to your simplicity. You sent me singing hymns underneath the hideout of our chromosomes. Confessing what I feel for you, holding your hands until … Continue reading

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Beyond Better

Future is tomorrow. What do I expect? Among all categories of incidents, there is one thing that I choose and cherish. If only I have to, I cannot complain to remain in a place where everything is beyond better. I … Continue reading

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Sometime somewhere, someone survived a war. Some scars have left memories like pictures of good and bad events frozen in time.   2020

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You Never Told Me That

The one that I want to hear. An affirmation, a confirmation. Sort of a source of a bliss. But it never been uttered. Like a wish not being granted. It only frustrates, it hurts. Then I’ve faded from your presence. … Continue reading

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I Wanted You The Most

Your glossy, Polaroid picture in my pocket. That’s the only thing that reminds me of you, obviously. I earned my way up, inside your unique heart. I contested a part. I have aimed a good goal. And I wanted you … Continue reading

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You sound like a god. The remnants of your voice wheedle the mountain. The ground at your feet turned topsy- turvy. You move a miracle in your song.   2020

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Almost Midnight

It’s almost midnight. My thoughts are still wandering to imaginary places, a secrecy to all. If I have wings, I’ll conquer the huge space above, far from the skyscrapers and mortal monuments. This waking hour is making me festive. I … Continue reading

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Something Hard To Understand

I face the morning sun, contemplating on something that’s hard to understand. The prayers have uttered earnestly on bended knees. Screaming, claiming all greater things. Another hours passed, my boldness has conceived. I don’t cry for no serious reasons. I’ve … Continue reading

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