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a cHiLd In ThE sCeNe

  mirror is ghosts of shattered childhood shaped in thin and fat skeletons covered in brown we go through different dramas in our playground some good some bad we’re soaked changed and abused   2013

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slow motion heartbeats are nervous breakdown of secret feelings kept like unread diaries and in time change from red to white pierced rooms and starry polished nails never personify a modern day venus but tall mannequins in glass amsterdam shops … Continue reading

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terms on linen papers

  spring sun burns cupid papers in scented melons and south wind turning at us are cold lips in the afternoon no more complicated love and we know we can grow old together from sundown to sunrise   2013

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black & white

  i’m falling greatly this crude test is heavy on my shoulders comprehending all the circumstances is freedom to my mind all of these proven and lack of me is not what it is   2013

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  i see the summer in your eyes like twin flamed eyes burning me in yellow hell the hot hot you is fire as mad romance on a wide bad bed this body aches at the sight of your virgin … Continue reading

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PLanEt FaLsE

  doping— like a compulsion buying happiness worth a thousand cash pretending with a face and smiles it is a bullied truth that settles in denial   2011

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narcissism 101

  pressed lips both fall into oblivion and the only sin they find is their idolatry to themselves   2013

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tHe NaTuRe Of SoMe PrEtTy ThInGs

  ocean tides roar my feelings explode red is anger i can’t control this nature the nature of me there’s still beauty the pretty things feelings explode i can’t control the fault in me i must forgive   2013

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tHe LoNeLy NoOn

  it can be endless as the only sound i hear is the ticking of the wall clock it doesn’t stop it doesn’t stop i’m all this flop floating unaware on the lonely noon maybe i am the only one … Continue reading

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  hurt is true i inflict wild panic in your quiet world pain is a pool of tears dismissing funny faces of us religion is routine at mornings when churchbells ring and we wake up half-hearted   2013

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