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After Overnight

Suddenly, sleep comes to me and my body crashes on bed. Dreams start in mortal whispers. I summon the gods of the hour. Talks become louder. Space becomes darker. I follow the tracks. I trample the dust. Suddenly, all things … Continue reading

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I put the stars on my eyes. The absence of slumber succeeds. My head is nowhere. I avoid the dreams. I never approach sleep. The bed is untouched. I feel like floating. I feel like sinking. I can still smile. … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Monologue

I am alone with the universe, with the quiet and noisy expanse of the land. The sea has its colored creatures that can bite my skin. I see the moon lingering together with the stars. The owls cannot mention with … Continue reading

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Going through the circumstances of everything, fear is nothing and useless. I stand on my feet, pronouncing my confidence over my head. I can’t be weak now. Someday, all the sorrows hovering in the places where we belong, will no … Continue reading

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Less light, less bright. Life becomes ordinary but to love you is beyond superior. I will never hate you again.   2015

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Away, and I don’t understand. No recovery can equal my heartache. I swim in hundred memories. They hurt. Adrift, like an empty space. I can’t feel myself.   2015

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I Can Love You With A Happy Ending

How easy to see the rain in your hair. The thousand drops of stars from your mouth are big magic to my ears. You always reflect a shadow who chases my dreams at nights. I can possibly smile at the … Continue reading

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Odd is the outside, quirky and unique. Blue is the sky and brown is the ground. To fall in love with you is easier than to break your heart. How possible is the impossible. I learn to unlearn the things … Continue reading

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We Are Beautiful

Things become beautiful when you exist in my world. Things become more beautiful when we meet each other in our world. Things are becoming more and more beautiful in our every day. Things cannot be ugly, things cannot be vague, … Continue reading

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You cross my mind every time I see a part of me that goes away. The only thing that’s left is nothing but my broken heart. I cannot put back together the pieces into a whole. I cannot think of … Continue reading

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