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second day

  four significance, radiance like grace stubborn january’s sun tans heavily on us, on our arid pelts, we melt   that is the outside, there with the day harboring our child-like delight we prance, we frolic   how we keep … Continue reading

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The Brook

  The brook is clear Like diamond waters Pure, perfect, as this love Penetrates me over and over   I swim beneath The surface where I find peace So natural that it keeps me longing Wanting more and pleading   … Continue reading

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wandering wondering

  questions spilling like bubbles of beer. oh! why all these meandering?   brief occasions of instant acquaintances, breaking barriers and cultural animosities.   my feet aches— i am redeploying.   the ambiance of myriad streets, of diverse colors and … Continue reading

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horses & trees

wild, run wild spaces of green, intoxicating green tendons of the field, excruciating pretty the charges of the earth punishing the same transgressions a song has pain, has remedy defining the strength of opposing ideologies what damages they incur they … Continue reading

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the possibility of wasting time

  it’s a chance when no wise men agree. some of the several times when somebody’s a fool compromise, i hide from a shame of unintentional performances. my thoughts can bother or go wild. there are images fabricated insufficiently.   … Continue reading

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satire, of course

  misrepresenting me, i earn a thousand parodies. teasing & bantering a crowd of actors, twisting a spectacle of second-rate. it’s not easy how i camouflage the grief to relief. there are me and my bad days, when mornings are … Continue reading

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fractures & sympathy

  i smell work scents of pressure leak while motions invade space i’m stuck on a constant phase   sleep is an opened eye there are tampered dreams like vandalisms on walls reality exposed   waiting makes a journey to … Continue reading

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