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antonym of calamity

  i find solace at the foot of the river where the waters are placid and the wind whistles a sermon of lovely breezes taming the thorns and thistles of the wild timberland i find my soul surrendering at the … Continue reading

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slow hours

  slow hours— familiar cavaliers lazily watch the selfish sun dragging the clouds and the rhythm of thunderstorms hit thousand ears of frenzied babies i force myself to stabilize the wicked raindrops outside and pacify the noise of the skies … Continue reading

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  Lonely is tonight when eyes are shut from autumn lights of little ninjas fighting over silver swords of disneyland   It hits me like november when all saints day is queuing for giant pumpkins and there i am sitting … Continue reading

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  we are abstract shapes floating on the nebulous horizon with no cathedral colors but white sheet like cotton balls   we meet the morning sun as polluted smokes rise above our tiny heads as marbles and we happily sing … Continue reading

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clever calculation of atoms

our chemistry is a clever calculation of atoms bravely there inside our veins where revolutions of sentiments are defending us we are more  candid than what we hear from the outside 2012

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Sea Dancer

  I sleep in the sea And dance with the water   Those whales are hungry They lick my little toes   Sands and seashells have sex Conceiving transparent jellies   I gobble the intoxicated Whispers of the sailor’s air … Continue reading

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Oh Deity Of Deities

  Arrest me oh Deity of deities Sequester me in your biosphere Where agony is missing But gladness is existent   I’m living on this domain Of struggles and strains Even gold cannot muster All of man’s contentment   Oh … Continue reading

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