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When Things Are Over

When things are over, we start anew. Our life has several chapters with prologues and epilogues. Sometimes we want to tear the pages that hurt too much and replace them with a happily ever after.   2015

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One chases the other. One favors the truth. One chooses the good. One leaves the worse. One loves the best.   2015

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Stretched in a song of long distance relationships, dragged, drifted in the chasm of gelatin space. The air is red and a smoke from a lantern dances slowly. Slowly like we can’t wait patiently for a big rain.   2015

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I Have

I have the slightest idea of you. I have these feelings in constant doubts. I have more than myself to discover the truth. I have thoughts that only my soul can interpret. I have knowledge to which I speak reality. … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon

I sit on a chair of a lonely world and hear the falling leaves from a happy tree. The iris of your eye moves like a wheel striking towards me and I hide under the covers of the earth. I … Continue reading

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Not A Fiction Nor A Fairytale

The proof is here standing in front of me. You freeze and your eyes stare at me. The waiting is over and now I can breathe. We only hold each other and oh so tight. This love is not a … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning looking at the mirror and loving myself better than yesterday. Then I know how things are changing everyday and now you are the one I love the most.   2015

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Cuts Like A Knife

It cuts like a knife on my skin. This heartbreak. When we’re over and you’re gone. Leaving me completely devastated. I’m bleeding blood like a wound aching on and on. 2015

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In The Freedom

I dance in the freedom. I breathe in the freedom. I fight in the freedom. I choose in the freedom. I laugh in the freedom. I walk in the freedom. I write in the freedom. I break in the freedom. … Continue reading

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Something Nice

Clouds sway. Smiles of your face eliminate the heavy dosage of heartbeats on me. I am ready to say something nice. 2013

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