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what are this and that and those and this thing is a thing that stings and steals and that thing is a thing that cannot be forgotten and those things are things that come again whatever they are things that … Continue reading

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trapped underground trapped below twenty feet trapped there down secretly trapped by his own ghost trapped by his pitfall   2014

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she sits outside the autumn shades of hibiscus and camelias she sits and frolics with the seven breeze pleasantry of the fox she sits upon purple and yellow covers on the antique bench she sits and waits for a time … Continue reading

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you feel it until it takes a little more time to withdraw walk you walk to the exit door conquer it you conquer through torrid isolation you don’t like what is and what must and you don’t understand you are … Continue reading

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wood smell expensive floor aquatic distance from the door dead moors foreign troops quiet service of the brute dark canyon rustic moon the afternoon is cold maroon   2014

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beyond my eyes can see the great mystery immeasurable and forevermore beyond my heart can feel the love unmerited absorbing me entirely i entered a special circle the perfect one majestic and unbreakable   2014

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cobwebs & paper sheets

up on the ceiling all on walls down on the floor they give meanings   2014

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let me know

let me know clearly and hear you more let me know now and never will i retire let me know entirely things you want me to know let me know let me know let me know   2014

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my solitude

my solitude is shy strangers question why something weird is there quietly hiding somewhere and as days go by someone wants to fly birds get their scare i want to put you in a square my solitude. a heavy human … Continue reading

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at night

big mouth you eat mcdonald’s at night big mind you think libraries at night big skin you feel cosmopolitan at night big ear you hear heroine pop at night big eyes you see triangles at night big feet you thump … Continue reading

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