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i see a piece of me on a part of a broken mirror a piece that chases the lost of a whole never connected never connected a piece of me that was never really me what do i see what … Continue reading

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silhouette of us pressed on a photograph left a history of our past winding through my thoughts as i re-examine the sweet early years of our dear life short-lived by the horror of one rainy night i feel your cold … Continue reading

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molten fair

journal pages and coffee table this evening is a coloured feast starfish aquarium in moving sphere of glass and water therapeutic maybe signs across the foreign skies full of lullaby stars distantly heard my square window peeps the world outside … Continue reading

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lemon lights

car dreams of alligator┬áseat-belts and petrol exits from the red tube zoom and bang over-speeding the streets are tantrum fires distorted gps risky roundabout slippery tracks wheels on grass nowhere we don’t know where we are we’re overdosed with lemon … Continue reading

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rain is

rain is a beautiful flow that sometimes one’s eye cannot see rain is a rhythmic sound that sometimes one’s ear cannot hear rain is a reminder that sometimes one’s mind cannot understand rain is a blessing that sometimes one’s heart … Continue reading

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the Now

drinking deliverance delivers me out there change is a process changes me inside finding rest finds me better love is a friend loves me forever   2014

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can you tell me when to stop arguing with the broken world convincing me to enter many rooms and those signs on the streets leading to different directions causing a major dilemma who listens when his ears are covered who … Continue reading

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plucking yes chords return to the mouth of the singer accompanying the ambiance of a similar repercussion healing like a therapy of those ears who can’t hear playing yes chords of us they are pilgrims to our hearts   2014

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roads wide open

and some people hesitate to walk to run instead they hide from the covered sidewalks with thick trees where no one can notice others ask why yet they can’t find answers and the answers are secretly hiding why i ask … Continue reading

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night becomes an antonym of sleep shattered sleep of peace keeps this ache on and on   2014

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