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Seemingly Distasteful Slander

  The criminal taste Has killed the tongue Of a chocolate lover   Such a sweet and selfish, Lover-and-hate irony From an idol and a fan   Tinkering the dreams Of one another Like adultery   Fainting to forget The … Continue reading

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The Diary Of Falling In Love

  Transcendental doses Of wishes and kisses Our heaven has journals Of parties and mortals   Long and sweet whispers Aprils, Mays, Septembers Extended dinners on winters Strip us like physicals   Finding the alpha I am drowning beneath All … Continue reading

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tHiS iS nOt A sHaGgY dOg StOrY

  As soon as the neon lights are gone Some crimson residue and hue Signal us to embrace this new And tingle our ears with I LOVE YOU’s Those everything are sinking Away from our memories Away from our silhouettes … Continue reading

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Two Fleets Of Sunflower Summers

Two fleets of sunflower summers On this floating heat I beat the devil’s carnage Masquerading on heavy distress I paraded a replica of grief They own me not, they cannot ponder Of killing me but keeping me under The surveillance … Continue reading

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iCe CrEaM dAy

  Fluorescent lights In your eyes Flaming me Your big glances Catching me And melting me By your iris This is my Ice cream day     2011

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  Fleeting rain, fleeting moon Dusk of east coast Grabs the noon On purple skies, I grope the stars Intelligent universe enthralls this thought     I wander, I wander far from home Oh Singapore, where have I been? Amidst … Continue reading

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standing alone in my world is not where i belong (without You)

the rest of them are there             while i keep myself inside where the only refuge is hiding             and hiding is a friend of fear and fear is living deep within without You is incomplete             in all imperfections, … Continue reading

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the golden stars in your eyes are dead to our world

suddenly, the golden stars in your eyes are christmas lanterns linking me to my vision of love and where i am my panorama of you is sifting what hell can burn i am your ignition, you can’t spark if i … Continue reading

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Commotion Of A Troubled Heart

  When quiet riding on a hazy dawn Leaves a trail of lonely zone Where pink carnations utterly ignored How can a mother love her other?   The son, the daughter, they make motions Off, away, far from their lover … Continue reading

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Escaping The Starry Night

  Sleepy eyes, sleepy eyes Where the dreams remain To be dreamt, let’s dream The waking hours are cruel   Come to a slumber– Escaping the starry night     2012

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