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Pie In The Sky

One hand holdsa glass of ice, the otherholds a plate of rice.The mouth is aboutto feast, but the roomturns black, and everythingdisappears. 2021

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The Boundary

Tell me more, but you won’t.I’d like to ask more questions,but now I won’t. Your gestures, your curls,the shirt in your imagination,all but left them forlorn. The wind is the same windthat carried us to thisnocturnal boundary. 2021

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The drinking mouthhas gone to summer woods.Not letting its tongue utterverbs and adjectives. 2021

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we lose some, we lost a lot.the past is gone, the now is pain.we cried, and we cry again. 2021

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The Emblem

It’s not the fall of man.Neither the case of inferiority.They rise to the occasionLike sturdy eagles’ wings.Painting their red blood on every wall,Chanting a local song. The skies turn blue.The sun sparks in yellow.The tombstones of their grandfathersAre washed out, … Continue reading


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