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The 30th

Today is all over the land, all over the lonely shadows of the lonely truth. The very reason why I left a tragic room, skies without the moon, a beast of the good, all hands cannot salute but I desire … Continue reading

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I find you at the time when all I see is darkness but you changed my perspective and turned my life into something else that I am proud of.   2016

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You become far from who you really are. The company of false promises has stolen your character and the truth that has nurtured you was torn. But there is someone gracious, perfect in nature who perpetually loves you.   2016

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From the imagination of deadly horoscopes

The winter clouds utterly hide the sun while my skin has dried from the imagination of deadly horoscopes and the iris of your strange eye is like a white lie that cannot be taken back.   2016

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You make him a broken heart. You make him the mad man. Your words are thunder, his soul is crushed. His everything is but you. You’ll never know, You’ll never feel, You’ll never hear.   2016

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Bring It Home

Awake and rise in the action of every day. The shield that surrounds, that protects, the shield that is all over you now. Don’t ignore. Don’t hate. Don’t dispose. Field is a many battles where one can or one cannot … Continue reading

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The Risk

Up here, the air is colder, my feet are shaking. I have thousand phantoms fighting in my mind. The height is far from the ground of your chastity. I can’t ruin your mortal perfection to please my desire. But I … Continue reading

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