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empty like a cellar of zero things underestimated thoughts pursue lack of power two and this indefinite morphology retarded utterance of things are said   2014

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saturday ticks like a grandfather’s clock in a quiet tender place where these thoughts linger into the unknown   2014

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square thoughts

shapes of massive square tiles square thoughts shared together in coffee shops of crowded cosmopolitan colors uttered with folk accompaniment of legend instruments clung to tray of music bling-bling square thoughts square i love you’s they cannot fade they cannot … Continue reading

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the world we know is a temporal home

the world is a violet peanut colliding sliding through a thin tunnel immersed in a circus of electric blue waters and sweet oil the world is filled with hands on keyboard and eyes glued on internet screens of a dynamic … Continue reading

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the cycle of a temperamental bard

silence is a quiet reservation there inside of me i am breaking i am mending returning over and over it isn’t sinking it isn’t floating the hiding is hiding silence is a loud noise deep inside of me it’s hurting … Continue reading

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i’ll let you in insteadthey letyou out a replicaof solitudein thedeepmind insteadi absorbedthe sorrow a warthat hasbeen therewhere iam insteadi mustwin   2014

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i’ll let you in instead they let you out a replica of solitude in the deep mind instead i absorbed the sorrow a war that has been there where i am instead i must win   2014

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