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And i Still Write

i become a platform of different voices,a picture of several words have hit you hard,or make you proud, elevate you,or inspire. i build a world with rhymes or adjectives are dark or sharp.These early mornings,these late evenings,they keep … Continue reading

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we are the extraordinary

theusual they are,but we are the extraordinaryin our own world. theycan’t feel whatwe feel for each other. we are the extraordinary,better than the pain in our yesterday,better than the hate on our streets. 2020

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Your Empire Of Fascination

I desireto be your empireof fascination, to be yoursocial butterfly,your life of the party. I’m buildingmyself, a characterin good progress. You’ll bedrowned in myocean of dynamics, immersed inthe volume of mykindness. I am your magnet.Pulling you closerto me, unceasingly, and … Continue reading

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This Common Chair

I sit on this common chair.Staring strangely at the cloudy moon.My mind conceives a beautiful sorrow.The vision of white sands drags me somewhere. Am I dreaming on this common chair?Transporting to a foreign dimension,My body collides with the supernatural.I don’t … Continue reading

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