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Inside The Closet

Mind is a river of words,the currents are stronger thancombined muscles of men. Love is dressed in a trench coat,ready to run under the rain,leaving the train without passengers. I am throwing lies on the ground.I am stripping false skins … Continue reading

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Letter To Summer

Oh, it has been a year.I haven’t seen you, havebeen missing you since then.I have dreams about you,dreams in the ocean,dreams in the evergreen,together we fly to the moon,together we kill the wolves.What will be our tomorrow?The future is unpredictable.Our … Continue reading


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But The World Is Never Perfect

We wish for a perfect day.We wish for a perfect place.But the world is never perfect.The world will never be perfect.Not today. Not today. 2021

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thesmell of yourhands is therapyto my broken heart. 2021

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