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indigo nights

  there are stretches in the air that separate me from loneliness everything that succumb to them are singing love songs in the cathedral i don’t know how to measure your love until all the sunflowers are gone and the … Continue reading

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the bard

when silence outside is the remedy of a chaos mind these feet slip from the agnostic sleep and bed is rejected afraid to get drunk escaping from the pain what sight forlorn even the full bright of the moon embarks … Continue reading

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little souvenir of thinking

  i sit and wait the talk is less thoughts turn to pages of memories in chapters of smiling mornings and crying evenings people i know who live in rural houses cannot steal a glimpse of the big future so … Continue reading

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colors of the myriad

  cliché life is when sucked in a vacuum of abyss and darkness floating slowly revealing glitters and sparks of thousands upon thousand colors there are blood red’s there are ocean blue’s there are earth brown’s there are monster green’s … Continue reading

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slow burning mouth

  slow burning mouth we feed our lust with fire worship the constitution of unorthodoxy left our skins pierced in tragic pains of every day each civilized mind argued in judgment their fingers always pointing at us   2013

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under the curl

  i find it perfect to live under the curl under you the tossing the turning i’m breathing near you you hide my fears i’m under the curl under you the hate is nowhere i’m lost in love under the … Continue reading

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  happening love in unexpected cut we are plants in a varied mildew finishing us we find an end   2013

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