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Last Day Of December.

We stare at the horizon waving goodbye at the setting sun, waiting for the dark shades of the sky. We stand frozen in cold dusk and the quiet breeze nips our warm skins as we settle to talk about the … Continue reading

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Public demigods, fighting mad. Everywhere, suddenly nerve-wracking scenery. Lenten tears of the many children. Their mothers are fainting, crowding on the floor. Explosion, exposition of bombs and abuse. Sunset is tragic. Nobody wants to sleep.   2014

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I remember the simple memory of my outdoor self, Who calls the mountain his brother and dances with the trees of green. Then, things go wrong. I do not anticipate how to tread in the soul of the confused. I … Continue reading

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I can afford to dream. To dream is free. To dream is free. I can afford to laugh. To laugh is loud. To laugh is loud. I can afford to fly. To fly is high. To fly is high. I … Continue reading

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This Is Not The End.

I write my mood on linen papers while the moon is red. The boats are floating on dark blue waters. Tangerine… Background is like a canvass in equal shades. I am no more solitude. Sleep is not an enemy and … Continue reading

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narrow down the line speed up and do not get caught first cut it hurts second cut it bursts narrow down the line quickly as the travel of the light third cut it speaks fourth cut it bends narrow down … Continue reading

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Love Is The Voice…

Love is the voice that does not slander me. His words are flawless. He looks at me with no judgment and tames me with his kindness. He takes me to places where peace is true to its meaning. His force … Continue reading

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Love In The House Of Many Rooms.

So many love songs sung. So many love stories heard. When Earth begins to move And dreams start to come true, All beginnings never wish to end. All endings beg to fail. Things will never always right. Things are not … Continue reading

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Only Together We Exist To LOVE. Only Together We LOVE To Exist.

I stare at your face, my beautiful lover. I do not want to blink in minutes and hours. Your image after me is my remedy from the many pains on this bitter, broken world. We drive ourselves away from the … Continue reading

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Love Is A Power Of No Mistake.

I thought there would be you. Someone who comes through. The hollow you fill perfectly. My heart you touch directly. Up where I see you down. Long Christmas in a ghost town. We are caught like paper toys and burn. … Continue reading

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