wretched #1, sad silence


sad lyrics of
sad music of
sad winter of
me and the
walls stuck
on concrete
floor of

sad moon of
sad night of
sad coffee of
me and the
lullaby of silence
is snapping
my ears to
nothing but
sad silence



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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3 Responses to wretched #1, sad silence

  1. piledlife says:

    I like it, a nice lonely-winter poem. I think maybe a new title–perhaps one that suggests a deep metaphor for the entire feeling–would make the entire thing that much more meaningful.

  2. Noora says:

    Touching poem! I always enjoy reading your work, Chester.

  3. schizophrenicbunny says:

    Very creative, I appreciate you sharing it with us.

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