All The Flowers Are Not In The Desert


Thousand scents on my nose

Hyacinth, lily, magnolia and the rose

Bending and breaking

All flowers are mending


Veering into something

Like a virgin blooming

Petals unfold to existence

Death has its distance


Drought in Sahara

Like thirst in Arabia

Africa has a dearth

All the flowers are not in the desert





About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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20 Responses to All The Flowers Are Not In The Desert

  1. Ian Moone says:

    All flowers are mending – a good line I like the ideas in this one

  2. Why did you pick the countries, in your poem? Out of interest.

  3. thanks for following purposeful pruning. we hope to include more poetry too, but it seems you are more prolific in that regard. enjoying what i see and hoping to see more.
    in Christ

  4. Lovely – makes me want to read it again for more meaning. That’s what good poetry does, no?

  5. All flowers are mending…I love the image here as I am also a gardener acquainted with their blooming fragrance that mends a woman’s soul!

  6. julienmatei says:

    I can almost feel the scents…Mmh…

  7. myrascircle says:

    This poem has a certain sadness in it… I like it.

  8. Daksha Acharya says:

    II enjoy reading your posts every day! I look forward to reading your stuff each and every day! You’re doing amazing! you are inspirational to all of us.

  9. Joszann says:

    Thanks for visiting Chester.Flowers are seeking the light, everywhere if we look.Thank you!

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